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We make so much more than eggs and wings. Here are a few of the things we offer:

Bubbles and wands:

Create bubbles to fill your world with wonder using our beautiful hand crafted bubble wands.


Go on a fairy adventure or 4 with Loxy the Fairy. Join along as she overcomes her struggles being a fairy with her unique friends from the Land of Myth or Not.

Dragon Tails:

Never too old to play with your imagination. Our dragon tails offer the chance to become a dragon! Run, play, spit fire, and fly!

Flower Crowns:

Complete your fairy outfit with a flower crown. Our flower crowns are made from silk flowers so you can use them again and again.

Tangle Fairies:

Have you ever had tangled hair or string? That is because of a tangle fairy! Tangle fairies are wonderful little fairies that sleep during the day and spend all night dancing in your hair or other stringy places. Perfect companion for naughty fairies and straightening fairies alike!

Unicorn Horns:

Be a unique unicorn with these resin made unicorn horns. With bright colors, it is easy to stand out on your own from the heard.

Mermaid Necklaces:

We collected beautiful mermaid scales in a pendant to where around your neck.

Dragon Claw:

Dragon claws to wear around your neck! These claws have been adapted so that they can be worn and played with safely.

Dragon Bags:

Our dragon bags offer a fun way to carry your dragon egg around. With color options to accent your egg and a design that shows off the egg while still being functional to carry. Easy to store flat as it collapses when empty. With ribbon, or leather string to bring the covering over the egg, just wrap around a belt to have hands free egg carrying.

Pixie Dust:

Pixie dust the essential ingredient to magical play. The imagination has no limit when fueled by faith, trust, and pixie dust. We offer many varieties and sizes.


Reading pillows and tooth fairy pillows are a comfortable way to incorporate personality and magic to any space. Our reading pillows have a pocket to store your latest reading material and handles to make it easy to carry around. Great for travel or use at home. The tooth fairy pillows are a safe way to store your tooth until the tooth fairy can come and exchange it for money.