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Our Dragon eggs come in 3 sizes: Small (approximately 6-8 inches), Large (approximately 10-11 inches), and X-Large (approximately 12-14 inches).
Each egg is prepared for hatching by our family to ensure that, while no egg is just alike, all of our eggs are of high quality and ready for the new dragon trainer. We have 12 species of dragons and each one has it’s own personality and charms. Please be sure to read about each dragon before making the lifelong commitment of raising one.

Small and Medium Dragons

Size: 7″
Egg Description: Blue Spotted
Home Location: In coral reefs
Personality Description: Usually has the personality of its owner.
Adoptable Reasons: Is the best companion, always suitable to come with you!

Size: 8″
Egg Description: Galaxies spread across the whole egg.
Home Location: In the dragon kingdom, usually Night Furries are the monarchs.
Personality Description: Loves playing games!
Adoptable Reasons: Soft and cuddly, and great for hide and seek cause its color!

Size: 7″
Egg Description: Flame Design, with color combinations coming in red, yellow, orange, black, and white!
Home Location: On Mount Inferno
Personality Description: Sassy and salty and but has some funny bad jokes.
Adoptable Reasons: Nice fire jokes, and is able to light up the mood!

Size: 7″
Egg Description: Galaxies spread across the whole egg.
Home Location: In dark areas of many sorts.
Personality Description: Mischievous creatures always ready to play.
Adoptable Reasons: Being used to the dark, it will keep guard at your bed while you are sleeping.

Large, X-Large, and Gigantic Dragons

Size: 12″
Egg Description: Black with galaxies all over
Home Location: in dark areas of many sorts
Personality Description: mischievous
Adoptable Reasons: It will guard your bed while you sleep

Size: 12″
Egg Description: it has flame design possible colors red orange yellow black white
Home Location: fire leaf forest
Personality Description: sassy salty some bad jokes
Adoptable Reasons: Good Guard

Size: 12″
Egg Description: Dark Blue Spotted
Home Location: Deep in the Infinite Sparkle Ocean
Personality Description: Shy, but usually is open to its owner. Loves water.
Adoptable Reasons: you get a local infinite cuddle ocean!

Size: 12″
Egg Description: smooth teal
Home Location: shallow infinite sparkle Ocean
Personality Description: loves to shine in the sun, play with other dragons, and pretend play a lot.
Adoptable Reasons: Super fun and ready for action

Size: 12″
Egg Description: Pink Spotted
Home Location: In the top of Fairy Trees
Personality Description: Mischievous and playful dragons, acting kinda like fairies!
Adoptable Reasons: Its cute and cuddly

Size: 7″
Egg Description: Purple, smooth egg with a nice shine.
Home Location: In deep caves, full of crystals.
Personality Description: Shy at first, but will get used to you and become very playful.
Adoptable Reasons: Due to its small size, it’s perfect as a tiny pet! This dragon comes with a dragon bag to carry it around in.Size: 12″
Egg Description: Smooth purple egg
Home Location: Dreamland Forest
Personality Description: Playful and high energy
Adoptable Reasons: It’s like a loyal and friendly.

Size: 17″
Egg Description: Shiny like the surface of the ocean on a sunny day
Home Location: Under the ocean waves
Personality Description: Loves music, especially rock. An extrovert so it loves doing concerts!
Adoptable Reasons: Very cuddly, and you can rock out with him!