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Our wings are hand made and ready to make your fairy outfit complete. With a variety of styles and designs, we can make something that works for you.

Made For You Styles

Our Made For You lines are styles we have designed to help you make your custom selections easier. We show you wings we have designed and you can pick the size, the colors, the details, and any extras you want to add or change.

Below you will find our 18 different styles with their default styles. Keep in mind you get to choose the colors, the details, and more. This is just giving you a place to start.

If you want something different, we can do that too! Just reach out to us and we can make a custom design just for you.

The Elvinia style is our go big or go home set. This style offers 4 large wings sets and a set of antenna. At the 14+ range this set has a 23″ wing length mid to tip, adding up to a 50″ total wing span.

The default coloration of this set is in rainbow with a fairy swirls pattern.

The Parisa is an impressive sight with strong contrasts and an impressive wing span.

The default style is two tone with contrasting colors and insect wing details topped with loose glitter.

The Titania offers a bright splash of color and traditional fairy and butterfly vibes. This wing set has unique detail paint patterns and boosts 4 wing sets.

The default style for this is in a strong bright 2 tone color set topped off with a loose glitter in a solid contrast.

The Linetta offers a delicate wing style with pointy wing sets in a tiered fashion.

This wing defaults to a butterfly sections but is designed to be made with fairy swirls as well.

The Naida style of wings offers a unique and high contrast wing variation. With 3 sets, one as a raised set, this wing is a spunky fairy wing style.

The default style of this wing is in a two tone with black unique butterfly sectioned detail painting.

The Lexi is a bit of a sassy fairy design. A little bit of pixie got in here, but it settles just right for those spunky fairies. It features 3 wing sets.

The default style for this one is 3 colors and a special butterfly sectioned design.

The Olette is a high impact, high contrast set of wings. It features three wing sets in a simple shape to give the colors the stage.

The default style of this set is a three color bright color combination with black tear drop detail style.

The Shaleigh is a tall wing set that has a big impact. With three wing sets the Shaleigh offers a lot of coverage and spreads out it’s wing coverage.

The default look for this set is a two tone with the butterfly sectioned details.

The Dana is one of first styles we started making in 2006. The look is classic fairy with beautiful full wings and 4 wing sets.

By default this wing set is a two tone wing with a fairy swirl detail.

The Divan is a fairytale fairy look. Simple and elegant with butterfly like wings. With 3 stacked wing sets and an antenna to complete the look.

The default look for the Divan is with two tone colors and butterfly sectioned details.

The Chepi are a dainty set of wings with 2 wing sets. This set is light weight work well for the 0-8 crowd of new fairies just getting their first set, or an experienced fairy for an everyday set.

The default style for these wings are a two tone coloration with fairy swirl details.

The Lanette is a timeless set often used for flower girls in weddings. This set offers a simple two wing set, keeping it light weight and versatile in age group usage.

The default style of this wing set is in a one color, or ombre, with butterfly sectioned details.

The Elida style is a petite set especially designed for our smallest fairies. This set is a butterfly design but in a single set.

The default style is in a rainbow coloration with fairy swirl details.

The Dela is a simple one wing set made for the smaller fairies, or a fairy that wants a tiny wing span.

The default style of this wing is a rainbow coloration with special fairy swirl details.

The Nissa style is 2 set fairy wing. While being simple it still carries an elegant flow.

The default style for this set is for a three tone coloration and fairy swirl details.

The Tien is a fairytale Tinkerbell styled wing set. It has two wing sets, with one being the classic topped point and the other a round set.

The default style of this wing is single color with fairy swirl details.

The Adelina style has been a long running design for our flower girl lines. This set is classic and elegant with a nice wing span to help make a statement. It has two wing sets and an additional antenna.

The default style for this set is a an ombre almond to ivory with gold teardrop details.

The Fay style features three wing sets. It is like the Chepi with an extra wing set.

The default style features three colors and fairy swirl details.